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Rubberrock is the superior heavy duty waterproofing solution for any type of flat roof or vertical wall! Click for more technical info...

RubberRock Waterproofing

RubberRock T-200 is an environmentally safe dual component spray applied 'instant-set' protective coating specifically designed to provide heavy-duty waterproof protection for roofing restoration and new construction. When cured the product forms a seamless and fully adhered surface membrane. RubberRock T-200® strongly adheres to most roof substrates, providing waterproofing performance that is not affected by strong sunlight or airborne contaminants. It bonds extremely well with TioCOAT® to provide a bright white surface that will not delaminate.

Rubber Rock T-200® is cold applied, requiring no open flame or heaters. A dual component instant set system sprayed in conjunction with an inorganic solution, it sets instantly allowing contractors to walk and work on the surface with no stickiness or tracking.

RubberRock T-200® is an elastomeric modified bitumen emulsion applied to restore the waterproof performance of tar & gravel roofing (BUR), rolled roofing membranes, corrugated steel roofing, plywood and asbestos panels and can be applied over polyurethane foam or polystyrene board insulation.

RubberRock T-200® is a water based, environmentally safe alternative to solvent based protective coatings. It is easier to use than rolled roofing membranes and provides excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance through a highly flexible seamless membrane that resists cracking and aging. RubberRock T-200 is unaffected by acid rain or high intensity sunlight and is resistant to many airborne chemical pollutants found in industrial areas.

Advantages & Benefits of using RubberRock.

  • High flexible (over 900% elongation with memory)
  • Watertight
  • Very resilient
  • Provides a seamless membrane
  • Spray applied
  • No smell
  • Cost effective
  • Works hand in hand with our TIOCOAT: White reflective roof coating

RubberROCK L200

Is a multi-purpose, high viscosity liquid, designed as trowel grade waterproof primer/corrosion protection to both HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL surfaces. As a flexible seamless coating, it resists cracking and aging - Can be applied using a brush, roller or spray pump. Ideal for roof/wall penetrations and sealing small cracks in concrete. It’s high elongation resists stresses and vibrations during the extreme weather cycles. Safe + ECO friendly alternative to conventional hot applied or solvent based products.

RubberROCK T200

Is an ECO-friendly, spray applied ‘instant-set’ protective coating, designed to provide heavy-duty waterproof protection for roofing and/or vertical walls. When cured this product forms a seamless and fully adhered surface membrane. It’s ideal for most roofing substrates, including metal, BUR and mod-bit. Because the product is cold-applied, no open flame or heaters are required.

Is RubberROCK + TIOCOAT a good investments? YES!

  • Longer roof life, better durability - coatings protect the roof substrate from destructive UV
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof; and coatings can provide the added bonus of being a water-resistant barrier
  • Better budget management due to predictable life extension of the roof. The opportunity to re-coat the roof rather than replace it
  • Minimal disruption to the occupants, operations during application, construction process, saving money in areas other than the roofing materials and application itself
  • A more desirable and comfortable work environment inside the building

**Coatings are considered ‘restoration’ and not a new roof system installation. Therefore they may usually be expensed in the fiscal year during which they are applied instead of amortizing the cost over the life of the roof (as in a new membrane installation). This can be a huge tax benefit to some building owners. Check with your accountant or CFO to apply this information to your own roof**